Minor feature request for Alloy update

In addition to categories, I’d like to be able to display a chronological archive list, e.g.:

January 2019
December 2018
November 2018
October 2018 … etc.


Oh yes, I just convinced a client to write a blog and can finally buy Alloy :slight_smile: So habt would be a very welcomed feature.

Archives isn’t something on the road map at this time. While it seems like the thing to do for a blog, not as many people use those monthly links as you might think. That said, I’ll note it as a request for a future update.

Addendum: Also, as a side note, that would also unfortunately not be a minor feature request, even though it might seem like it. It is more complex that you’d imagine.

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My biggest substantive concern is how well Alloy will handle increasing numbers of files in the blog folder. Since October 15, 2018, I’ve added 32 blog posts. So far, it’s working fine. But that’s an average of a little over 10 blog posts a month. The number of files will quickly break 100, and on upwards from there.

I’m worried that at some point, Alloy might slow down or crash. That’s neither a prediction (since I have no basis to make one) nor a criticism (since every tool has limitations). But I don’t want to reach that point and suddenly have a non-working blog. Any insights?

Adam tested with well over a 1,000 .md files or more (he told me, but I cannot remember the exact number) without any issues. The MD files are text files and they are not too large in size anyway. So, you should have a bunch of headroom in a posts folder before there are issues, if any.

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My tests got up to about 12,000 posts. I didn’t have any real slow down myself, but I do run a server with a good deal of RAM on it. I don’t suspect you’re going to see a real slow down.


I don’t think you’ll run into any real problems. As @Steve_J mentioned, markdown files are very small ins size. Videos would be brought in from YouTube or Vimeo. Images brought in from a different folder on the server. So those two potential areas of “drag” will have no impact on the Alloy posts folder.

As I understand it, you can also create more than one Alloy page. So if there did begin to be some slow down after 5 or 10 years then you could create a new Alloy page (with a different server folder) and start anew. You’d have 2 menu links, but that should be fine.