Missing ‘Exit Offset’ in MegaMenu?

From the documentation for MegaMenu:

Exit Offset
The distance from the top of the browser the anchor has to be for the Active Page indicator to be turned off, showing that the visitor is leaving that section of the page. Generally the default settings will not need to be changed.

I’d like to use this so that the Active Page indicator remains highlighted so long as I am still scrolling through a whole (long) section of a page.

I can’t seem to see this when using an Anchor navigation item in MegaMenu. I only see the Entrance Offset.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug?

The Exit Offset was eliminated because it caused problems for most users. I simply forgot to remove it from the Documentation. Next time I update the documentation pages for the Potion Pack stacks I’ll remove that.

That’s a pity, because it is what I think I need at the moment.

Without it: how do I get the indicator to remain highlighted, if I have a long page section? At the moment, the indicator is turning off when I have multiple rows of Cards in a section.

Have a project file for me to look at?

Sure. I’ve PM’ed you the file.

You’re not using the Anchor stack’s “Use As Mega Menu Anchor” setting.

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 11.34.21 AM

Check the Anchor Documentation for this setting, down toward the bottom of the page.

This should also be covered in the Anchor Navigation video on the Mega Menu Documentation page I believe.

My apologies—I must have missed that. Thank you, it is now working as expected.

Glad that solved it for you. :+1: