Mixed text and lists

This might be a weird thing to post here as it isn’t Foundry specific, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to do a certain thing in Foundry.

I’m doing a website for an author; in their bibliography section, they want lines of text immediately followed by list items. I can’t show this here except by pasting in a screenshot:

I’ve been able to do this with an HTML section, but there are other problems. The bibliography also has lines of text that are not followed by anything except, and the spacing is very different from the lines of text followed by list items. I’ve been able to get around this by playing with line-height, but…

The thing is, I’m only able to give the author what they want by using a big chunk of html, and I wondered if there was a better/easier way to do this.


Sure, that can be done by just using a Paragraph stack and a Bulleted List stack, like so:

Foundry is all about modular elements.

And of course it goes in a Margin stack, right? :grin:

Thanks, @elixirgraphics.