Modal stacks in drop down nav (Pip)

Greetings. I’m trying to use a nav stack (Pip Navigation) to create call out actions using a modal stack.

The actions are user database functions, such as a contact form, password change, etc.

I can not find any navigation stack that includes a drop zone where I could put a modal stack.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.


Hi, for Foundry 3 you can do it this way:

„That said, Foundry’s Navigation Bar allows you to all other content to it as well. It is a hidden gem:

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Thank you very much for the input. I’ve not yet moved onto Foundry 3 as I just started this project with 2 and am in two deep for a rebuild.

I found similar functionality in Foundry 2 MegaMenu so am working with that. I only wish the drop-down were “hover aware” vs click open and click close, but thats OK, happy with the progress being made.

Again, thank you!

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