Motion slide starts out white...instead of with image

Hi all,

Hoping you can help as I can’t work it out.

I have Foundry Motion as a slider in my banner with a few images fading through. Screenshot of settings attached.

If fades through images perfectly but when first landing on the page the first image fades in from white and looks odd as the logo has white text so doesn’t look good. I want the first image just to load and then the next images to fade in as set with Ken Burns Effect.

Thanks in advance for all your brilliant ideas.

Cheers Scott

LInk to draft site page below.

It looks to me like it’s fading in from nothing. Since your site background is white, it’s fading in from white. You can probably set a background color on your margin stack to whatever color you’d like it to fade in from.


Yes, I had assumed in would fade in from the first image in the Motion stack but you’re right it is fading from nothing.

I know with JW Impact stack it fades in from the first image in the stack but it doesn’t do that with Foundry Motion stack.

So I have done as you’ve suggested and placed the first image as the background to the stack and that sort of works. Adds another image to the site but I suppose it is a work around.

Cheers Scott

It is meant to fade in from nothing. That is how it is designed.

Sure thanks Adam.
Didn’t realise it worked that way, just assumed it would fade in from first image.

I was suggesting a background color instead of a background image, although an image is an option too. You could try a dark background color so that you fade in from dark instead of white. You could even try the background color set to your green accent color. You can probably get fancier and drop the Motion stack in a Backdrop stack and use a gradient. While I haven’t tried it, since it fades from nothing, it should fade over whatever is behind the Motion stack.

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You could load your last image as a Background image using the basic stacks settings. Not ideal but would avoid fading from nothing.