Moved my site from WP to RW+Foundry

My personal site had been on WP since Jan 2012, but after getting into Foundry I was dying to move it over.

Before moving over to Foundry, I was a bit worried about page speed and loading times because I’d got the WP site well oiled.

I’m very pleased with the performance after moving to Foundry.


What’s the site? I’d love to check it out.


It’s not 100% finished yet, some finishing touches here and there.

Any feedback, good or otherwise appreciated :grin:

Nice site Neil, I enjoyed reading your bio. I would bet your page speed would be equivalent in Foundry; there’s not a lot that would slow it down. If you’d like to measure a comparison before you switch, build it in Foundry, upload it to your same hosting service and run some tests.

Thanks @dropgates,

I’ve already moved the site to Foundry, and the test result is from Foundry too.

LMAO. Yes, you clearly stated that. :wink:

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