Multiple Blogs on One Site


I need to build a portfolio site for a photographer.

What she prefers is having different pages (butterfly, flowers, macro etc) to show/categorize her portfolio.

I want to use Alloy since I want her to edit the content.
Here (Multiple Blog on One Site - #2 by elixirgraphics) it says that it’s possible to do it. Very glad it is.

But, I do need to create an admin panel per page right? And, of course, set a pointer to the right directory. Or is there an easier way to do it?

Sub-question: can I use embeds or droplets to (let her) change an image in the Slider stack?

For every blog you want to make you’ll need a separate Editor. You can’t have multiple blogs in one Editor. You can use one Editor for multiple pages of content though when it comes to Embeds and Droplets due to how they function.

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Thanks for the quick and clear response. Will do so.

Is it possible to use Embeds or Droplets for Orbit stack images btw?

Yes, it’s on the site:

In addition to normal drag-and-drop image slide type you can also use Remote Images via a URL to the image on your server for a slide. We also offer the ability to use Alloy Droplets as slides, letting you change your slider images directly from the Alloy Editor on your site. These two slide types are included along with the Image, Video and Content child stacks.

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