Multiple categories in posts

Just wondering how best to have more than one category assigned to a post.
A comma between each category?

Alloy supports one category per post.

Thanks Adam. Is there any prospect of allowing more than one category per post?

It is on the road map to look at for the future. It might be better to implement a tags system though, where you’d have one category for a post, but potentially multiple tags. I’ll note it down as something to look at further as Alloy develops. :smiley:


Thanks Adam. Personally I love the look and ease of use of Alloy but without multiple tags/categories I find it less useful than say Armadillo which has both.

I’ve posted before about what you’ve told me were “tag clouds” - Tag clusters? in Foundry - #7 by Phloque.

I think they would be a brilliant way to organise and navigate a blog-intensive site.
No pressure
All the best

Is this very helpful feature furthermore on your roadmap?

Yep. But considering I’ve been working on Foundry 2 over the last 10 or so months I haven’t looked at this yet. When I make my next updates to Alloy I will look at this as I mentioned previous. :+1: