Multiple forms compatibility

Can I use multiple forms in one site? If so is there something special to take in consideration?

I have one contact page that uses Form Pro. Then I wish to use From Pro or From in another page 3 times in smaller version with CTA-button that triggers Sideslide with from.

Now, From Pro has a custom ID - can I or do I need to use that to somehow ‘separate’ forms to avoid conflict? What should I do to make it work?

Edit: Using 3 Forms in one-page results getting 3 emails even using only one of them. Could that Form Pro custom ID be the solution or enabling option on Form ‘Send using your own email address’?

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Thank you in advance!

I can’t give you an answer to your question but I would think that Adam will give you a good answer.

Why not try 2 FormPros and set the IDs to be different and try it as a proof of idea?

Thanks, will try it!
It’s a terrible mess. Got server-side combability problems with FTP-client and RW publishing engine so I couldn’t do sandboxing and site had to go live already now and contact forms gives the headache. edit: Not froms it self but situation.

My advice would be to use RW local publish and a proper FTP like Transmit or Forklift, then you can rule out any files not being transferred correctly.

Maybe also get one form up and running first so you can at least customers to make contact successfully.

Thank you for your help!

Contact us page with From Pro works well now, except for some reason when using hyphenate on phone number like 040-12234567 it does not come through whether I use text or number input. Wonder if that’s server / Zoho mail service problem. Moving to Guite soon anyway.

I am using Transmit demo right now, and apparently, some FTP-clients don’t work well if multiple connections are not allowed from the server side.

The Form stack that comes as a part of Foundry is a one-use per-page form.

The Form Pro stack can have multiples on a page as it uses the stacks ID to set itself apart. The custom ID is not for that purpose though. It is for those that did not like the stacks ID being used for the anchor link, which is used once the form is submitted.

As for hyphens – a number field does not allow hyphens, only numbers. The text field will allow hyphens just fine. Just did a test to make sure nothing was wrong with the stack.


Thank you for the responses!

I got all working with From Pro. It was important info that I do not need to use a custom ID. It worked beautifully with multiple From Pro’s on the same page.

Also, now I got a text field working with hyphens for a phone number. I wonder if I made mistake with saving project file with the change from number input to the text input - and the result looked same on site. Anyway, thank you for checking it up! Much appreciated.

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