Multiple jQuery libraries

Is there a reason Foundry loads two jQuery libraries?

If you select the Foundry theme and just have a plain Stacks’ paragraph stack on the page, there is a single jQuery (jQuery.min.js) loaded. It looks to be v2.1.4. This seems to be loaded by the Foundry theme.

As soon as you add the Foundry base stack to a page, you get a second jQuery library loaded (jquery-2.2.4.min.js). This appears to belated by the Foundry stack.

Foundry’s theme has the library internally on its own in case you want to use the blank them with your own handwritten code in HTML stacks, etc.

The Foundry stacks just tells the Stacks plugin to load jQuery when needed for the individual stacks. Stacks then loads the a communal version for all stacks on the page. This is done so it can work in conjunction with other 3rd-party stacks that might need a higher version of jQuery.

Foundry itself only loads jQuery once on its own.

Is there any way around this? It seems a waste to load an additional 83k of jQuery library code.

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No, not really. Honestly though, 83k is not really all that much.