My first F3 site

YTT - Yoga Teachers Together

Hi all, I just finished my first F3 site. I’m loving all the improvements from F2 and having more control over break points etc + all the new preset colours which saves me a lot of time. (Constructive) feedback welcome. The next job for this site is to build a searchable directory for their members. I’m hoping to be able to do that with Sitelok


Gonna need a url to give comments :wink:

The blue heading is the URL:


I like how you have incorporated a clear search box in the blog page header. Can you please tell me what stack/software/code you used to incorporate the ‘Stripe’ payment page. I was intending to use PayPal but the integration has become too difficult for me. Many thanks.

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Hi Robert,

the search bar is the one that comes with Alloy.
The payment page uses regular Foundry 3 stacks, and then each payment button contains a link to Stripe. In your control panel in Stripe there is an option called ‘Payment Links’ . Here you create a product with some basic styling for the checkout. Stripe then generates a link which takes people to that checkout. The link can be then be used like any other link. Its simple and works well (see below). I recently dropped Paypal as well. Stripe is really easy to use. I think they take slightly less commission on each transaction than Paypal as well.

I hope this helps,

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James, thank you for the Stripe information, it’s really helpful. Good luck with the site!

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Thanks Robert. Glad to help. :+1:

A very clean design. I enjoyed exploring the site on mobile. I’m sure your client is happy!