My first Foundry project: Questions

Today I decided to try Foundry for the first time on a small client site. Getting around quite well, nice stuff! :slightly_smiling_face:

But I have the following questions:

  1. Using the Page Header stack, how can I control the size of the “secondary label”? It’s smaller than the main label, but I’d like to be able to exactly set its size…
  2. The background color of the nav bar (in my case it has to be white) stretches across the whole browser width. But I’d like to limit this to the container width. Therefor I already did place the nav bar stack inside a container, but only the menu items themselves are limited to the container width and not the nav bar itself…
  3. In the nav bar I have the site title as “branding”. So far so good. But it’s a bit too big and it’s bold. How can I adjust the text size of the site title and choose another weight for it?

Thanks for being patient with my absolute-foundry-beginner-questions… :wink:

Hey there @RapidBase

Let’s see if I can’t answer some of these for you:

The secondary label is a part of Bootstrap, which uses the <small> tag. This is set to be, as the tag implies, smaller than the main header. There is not a feature in the stack to change that.

The Navigation Bar can indeed be constrained to the width of any parent stack. You can see what I mean here:

What I’m guessing though is that you have Sticky Navigation enabled. The sticky navigation breaks out of any parent stacks. This is because the navigation bar gets moved out of its original location and placed up higher in the page hierarchy. This ensures it can reside properly above other elements on the page. If you’re not using sticky navigation but still are seeing the navigation bar not be constrained by parent stacks, please post up a link to ZIP file containing your project file and I’ll take a look at it.

In the Navigation Bar stack you’ll find this set of controls:

Enable the “Use Override Font” and then you can adjust all of those override settings – font, fallback font, weight, italic, etc. This will even allow you to use Foundry’s Typeface stack to use Google Fonts, Typekit or self hosted fonts as well.

Not a problem! You’ll find people here friendly and helpful, so feel free to ask whatever questions you might have. There’s also the Foundry documentation and tutorial videos as well if you get stuck.


Thanks Adam for that fast response.
Regarding the <small> tag I could adjust this via manual CSS. But I think I will simply use the HeaderPro stack from BigWhiteDuck for this purpose, which should be perfect for this use case.
For the background color of the nav bar: yes, I’m using sticky navigation. Thanks for your explanation, my client just will have to live with that. :wink:
The override-settings for the branding work fine, thanks! :slight_smile: I didn’t realize that these settings are actually for the site title. Will get used to the wording ‘branding’ …

Another question: Is there an image stack for Foundry (I also do own the Potion Pack) which offers some kind of Parallax scrolling and animation like the stack at the bottom of this page: (This is the client site I have to rebuild)

Best, Matthias

Hi, for the parallax effect you can use the background stack but for additional animations you might want to have a look at:

It looks to me like that’s not a parallax effect on the bottom of the site you’re redoing, but just a locked background image. Either way, Backdrop from Potion Pack can do either effect.

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No problem.

And it looks like @Fuellemann and @DLH answered your other questions. The Backdrop stack does indeed have both parallax and locked background image settings. In a pinch you could use the Banner stack as well, though Backdrop is probably more what you’re looking for I think in this case.

Thanks to all of you, did help a lot so far. Further question:
How can I adjust the line height of a single paragraph stack? The line height of the white text on the image is too much for my taste and I would like to reduce it:
Additionally I would love an option to give the text a subtle shadow. Possible with Foundry?

That’s not an option of the Paragraph stack. Foundry attempts to keep things uniform for the most part to make things cohesive.

Not as a part of the Paragraph stack, no. The Paragraph stack is one of the stacks that gets used over and over again on pages throughout a project. The fewer settings the better in stacks like this that will be used again and again. This keeps things running smoothly and quickly in Edit Mode. I’m sure you’ve used a stack at some point that has every bell and whistle imaginable… and also slows down Edit Mode to a snail’s pace. This is something I try to avoid with stacks like this that will see a lot of repeated use.

Other stacks that will get used once or twice on a page, or even once or twice throughout an entire site, can get away with having a lot of options on the other hand.

Thanks Adam, for the few corner cases like these I’ll simply use the ‘killer-stacks’ of BigWhiteDuck (Paragraph Pro and Headline Pro). Beginning to like Foundry… :slight_smile:

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