My latest F3 website

FaCT is an Ohio-based non-profit that requested a redesign of their site. Their goals: information rich, interactive, to be updated frequently. I learned so much building this site and Foundry 3 was KEY to my success.


From your screenshot the site looks great. I wasn’t able to visit the site from where I work becuase the site isn’t secure. I would Highly recommend getting a SSL certificate so you can serve https. Any reputable hosting company offer this for free, it’s just a matter of turning it on. I would check with your Hosting company. If you do this make sure you also update your RW project so the url reflects the https as well.

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Hmmm. That’s odd. The site is secure and I serve it with https. See the image captured from my browser.
Secure website

do you know if you force SSL?

I used as my hosting service. They offer a free SSL certificate that I use with this site. I use the same service on the several other sites I host with them as well. This is the first time anyone has had a problem accessing a SSL protected site hosted by Dreamhost.

Secure for me - no problem.

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I think what happen is the link you posted was a http link so when I clicked on it at work it raised a bunch of red flags with the network security policies we have in place. When I click on it from my home everything is fine and even though you have a http link posted, it takes me to the https version of the site. Sorry about all the confusion.

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The browser should automatically go to the https check the setting in your server to be sure it is doing this correctly. Cheers