My latest Website Project

Darrell Crews Septic Pumping

Here is the latest site I finished for a client, there is still so much I’m learning with Foundry but I’m loving it.


That’s great stuff. Really nice looking, simple site.

One thing - some of the pages load very slowly - and I have a fast connection - especially the grass above the nav bar. I wonder if some of the images are a bit big?

Lovely work. But if you are looking for feedback…

  1. I’d add some gutter between the text and the image in the Welcome section on the homepage.
  2. The parallax effect on the map image behind the text feels out of place to me. I’d remove it and just have the map as a regular background.
  3. Personally, and this is a very personal thing, I’d also lose the animation. For me, it doesn’t sit with the general design of the site, which is really nice BTW.
  4. There is a white line below the grass image, above the nav bar. This might be in the image itself or just Chome doing it’s maths badly. Either way, I’d pull the map up slightly (1px I think) to hide it.
  5. I’d also be inclined to re-process and crop the images in the vert tab stack, so that when there are two or more images they are all the same aspect ratio. I’d also maybe put some radius on them too, to compliment the tab border.
  6. The copyright date in the footer is wrong.

That’s the homepage, and I’m being picky, but I figure all feedback is good. But still, a lovely looking site.

yeah, I noticed that as well. It wasn’t like that until recently, I wonder if it’s my hosting provider. I will have to look into that. Thank you for the input

Thank you for all the input, I will look at all those items and try to get them fixed.

Really nice site! I learned a lot about septic systems which made me glad I don’t have to deal with one!

I only have one nit-picky comment and that is the spelling of the word “through” on the “Your System” page. The second paragraph uses the word “thru” a few times which I think would be more professional to use the word “through”. My two cents.

Great job on the website!

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