My new Graphic Design site built with Foundry

##Seven Design Associates

This has been created by me in Foundry, fitting it around other client work. Really pleased with the finished result. Thanks again Elixir, Foundry is awesome and now my go to website tool.

Next development will be a Blog page. How are people getting on with Alloy? Is it easy to install and use?



@MrB Congrats on the new website! Looks great.

Alloy is a joy to use. Very easy to install. Simpler to use. There are several options for how you set up how the page looks in summary view vs. post-only view vs. category view. So you may want to spend some time creating those 3 looks. Not hard, but involves some decisions ( e.g.: to sidebar or not to sidebar).

I’m using Alloy a lot of a couple of course websites. Such a joy. And you can customize the look of the editor: i.e. what buttons the “user” sees and can use. Very important for your own use or for clients.


Very easy to use and fun to setup :slight_smile: I use it at


Whoah that looks great!

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Wow. Looks good. Congratulations.

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Thanks for the positive feedback and kind words. Don’t stop beweaving everybody!! :grin:

Your website looks great!

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Wow. I can only aspire to doing that so well!

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