Nav. Bar dropdown menu not showing up with Safari BigSur

Hello Folks,
The Nav. Bar is showing some issues on Safari Mac BigSure. The drop down menus (“News” and “Travaux”) are not working anymore. Instead of launching the drop down menu, they go to a blanc page (that should not appear of course).

The issue is only present on Safari. Chrome or Opera are working fine.
I emptied the cache, tried on several computers… Remade the Nav. Bar… Re-published the complete site 20 times…
Any idea what can fail please ?
Thanks a lot.

Both of those pages have a “drop down” triangle indicator. So when I click I should see the sub-pages. Do you actually have subpages? Are they “activated” to be included in the menu system?

Hello Mitchel, thanks for your answer. Yes there are subpages. You can see them with any other web browser (Other than Safari BigSur)

Yes, I see that issue. Working fine on Chrome, but as said above, on Safari you get no dropdown when clicking the menu item, just taken to a blank page: GPFD - News : les dernières nouvelles de la Gregory Pariente Foundation

I’ve just put together a really quick mockup of your navigation system, and it’s working as expected. So my guess is there is something screwy on that page.

Can you share the project so we can get a look at it for you?

Hi @ThunderFred

I don’t think this is related to any particular operating system or version of Safari. I’ve just tested on both Catalina and Big Sur and found your page to not work correctly. One OS is using Safari 13 and the other using Safari 14.

That said I’ve tested the Navigation Bar documentation page in those same OSes and browsers and it is working as expected. Try visiting that documentation page and giving it a try as well. This leads me to believe it has to do with your project file, most likely.

It would be helpful to have a copy of your project file in order to troubleshoot what you may have done in your setup to achieve this outcome.

Send me a ZIP file containing the following items:

  • A copy of your project file. This is the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site.
  • Any non-Foundry stacks you’re using on the page so I can rule out incompatibilities.

After you create this ZIP file, use WeTransfer to create a download link that you can email to me at adam at elixirgraphics dot com

Just received your project file. Did a little troubleshooting by first removing the non-Elixir stacks from the page one at a time until the problem went away. When I removed the Boom stack the drop downs began working again in Safari. Give it a shot.

I removed also Boom, replaced it with Player2, and everything works again…
Thank you for your amazing support Adam… Glad to work “with” you… ;);):wink:

Hello Adam,
Just a quick message to tell you that the problem also appears with HTMLaudio stack from JoeWorkman and AudioPlayer from Stack4Stacks… And again only under Safari… Hard to find…

If you want to resend me your project file (as I don’t keep old project files), and the stacks you’re having problems with, I can take a look. I won’t promise a resolution as some stacks are just not compatible.

Hello Adam, I just sent it again… Thanks for taking care… :star_struck:

The project file you sent does not properly open in RapidWeaver.

CleanShot 2021-08-05 at 08.52.34@2x

Additionally there were no stacks included in your email. Without those third-party stacks I cannot test your problem. I need them in addition to your project file.