Nav Bar Help - Parent link not working when child page added

Hi. In the middle of my first project and loving Foundry.

Been stuck on a Nav Bar issue - when I create a child page and click on the Parent link in the Nav bar it does nothing but show the link to the child page and if I click on that it takes me to the child page but I don’t seem to be able to get to the Parent page.

If I remove the child page the parent page opens happily.

I need to be able to click through to both the parent page and the child from the Nav Bar.

What am I missing?


I’m pretty sure that the Navigation bar has been designed this way, so that top level menu items with sub menus aren’t clickable.

Check out the Resonances top menu here - Schumann Resonances - this was built in Foundry and has the same behaviour.


Thanks Rob. Looks like you’re on the money.

Wonder what the thinking is behind that.

The parent item becomes a toggle for the drop down to help ensure a greater compatibility on mobile devices. Since the navigation is one of the most important things on the site I wanted to ensure it worked across many mobile devices – even older ones.

This might change in the future through different user options or settings as we move further from those older mobile browsers.

Still no fix to this one? I understand the problem with older mobile browsers, but there are still people browsing on desktop computers. This solution makes it very confusing on a desktop, when you seem to have a link to a parent page, that doesn’t go anywhere. Well, I have to think of some workaround, but this sucks. The Nab Bar Pro would be nice, but it includes drop down just in the toggle. Don’t tell me you are abandoning desktops altogether?

Hey there @bobi151!

It isn’t a bug. The navigation is designed this way as you point out for a reason.

I personally don’t find it confusing. If a visitor clicks on the parent item that has a disclosure arrow next to it and a drop down appears, what would make the user specifically think that the top-tier, parent item goes somewhere? They’d have to then click on the parent item again to visit the parent item page. This seems a bit more confusing to me, IMHO.

No, I’m certainly not ignoring the desktop at all. Navigation Bar Pro is just another option in the large line up of navigation stacks for Foundry. It simply has a different take on how the navigation works, approaching it from a different angle.

Well, if it is a page of its own yes. I have a design consisting of Home - Page1 - Page2 - Page3 and two child pages to Page2. Now there isn’t any way to get to Page2, just to the child pages. Yes, I do find it confusing. :smiley: I guess I’ll have to do a new parent page instead of Page2 and make Page2 a child to that one. Or can you think of any other workaround?

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Parent pages should just be a blank page. I use a Styled Text or HTML page type for them as there’s no content on the parent pages. I think it is more confusing to you as the designer who already put content in the parent page than it will ever be to your visitors once you change the way you’re viewing the hierarchy and reorganize things.

That said, if this navigation style doesn’t work for your specific project there are several other navigation types for Foundry that might.