Nav bar not working properly in safari

the nav bar of my homepage is not looking perfect in safari, while it is fine in firefox and chrome. safari does not render the top padding properly…
does anyone have an idea what is wrong here?
I havee no clue if that is an issue with foundry/nav bar, the scroll up stack, safari or RW (just updated to 7.4.1)…
I use the nav bar stack within a scroll up stack (bigwhiteduck). nav height is set to 70px in both stacks for all devices.
thank you in advance for having a look!

I’m confused. Using Safari all looks perfectly fine for me. Could you share a screenshot to point out the problem?

Me too, looks perfectly fine on Safari.

OK - good news!! Thanks for investigating.
Safari is fine now here as well! - no clue what messed up the nav bar temporarily.
Happy End!