Nav Bar Pro Dropdowns

Am using Nav Bar Pro.

I would like the menu to have drop downs on Nav Items - not just on the Toggle.

My Nav Bar on desktop would have the following items: Home - About - Contact - Samples - Quotes - Orders

If you click on Samples you would get a drop down menu showing Products - Die Cuts.

Will Nav Bar Po do this? I can’t see any way to. I was hoping if I click on the “+” to add a Nav Item it might give me the option to add an Item or a Drop Down - kind of like Mega Menu.


Hi Paul – It sounds like Mega Menu or the normal Navigation Bar might be better suited for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Wow - quick reply.

I like the way Nav Bar Pro is setup and the control.

I seem to have lost the normal Nav Bar. All I have now is Mega Menu and Nav Bar Pro.

Thank you.

Did you restart RW after installing Foundry v2?

Got the Nav Bar back so I have both Nav Bar and Nav Bar Pro now.


Restarting RW help?

It is also advisable to restart RW after installing updates.

Hi Adam,

I guess from your reply to Paul that Nav Bar Pro does not offer Drop Down functionality (tier 2 or tier 2 sub menus)/

Shame…it has some features it makes a great ‘Pro’ navigation bar except no drop downs on desktop.

Can I please make a request that drop downs for desktop gets added at some stage…this feature would make it the perfect one-stop nav menu for many of your users.

Cheers Scott


You can have a drop down using the Toggle element. That is what it is designed for. You can even add in collapsible sections within that drop down. The Navigation Items are the elements that do not have child items.

Hello, I have made a website with the “care” project by Egomade which has Nav Bar Pro.
Have “child items” for the zone 2 Navigation Items been implemented or is there a way to incorporate the MegaMenu into the zone 2 location of Nav Bar Pro?

Navigation Bar Pro does not have drop downs for Nav Items. It has a singular Drop Down child stack you can use. If you need Drop Downs you’ll be better off using Mega Menu or Navigation Bar as they offer this style navigation. Nav Bar Pro was designed to be an alternative to this style since these two stacks already exist.