Nav Bar Pro Font

Hi, I am using the Nav Bar Pro stack and I am wondering where I can change the font style (not font size!) for the navigation items. The settings panel allows me the select a specific font style for the title but I don’t see an option to select a font style for the navigation items. Thanks!

Hi @MagicNeico – Hope your Sunday is going well. The Navigation Items pick up their font setting from the main Base Font in the Foundry Control Center.

Hi Adam, thanks for your quick reply. I managed to find the trigger. However it seems it doesn’t pick up the default weight associated to the Base Font in the Control Center. Can you please confirm?

It picks up whatever is assigned to the Normal Weight on the Base Font in the Control Center. Problem solved. Happy Sunday Adam!

Correct. Glad you got it sorted.

I’ll look at adding more features for this in the future.

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Great to have a developer who listens to the users.