Nav. Bar Pro not responsive

Hi all,

I am not able to make the Nav Bar Pro responsive. When I check my website with a 15" and a 21" monitor the Nav Bar Pro items stay the same size. Which means, that the size of the letters are too small for a 21" monitor. Can I change that ???

Thanks for your help

You can set three sizes for your navigation items for desktop, tablet and mobile - see attached screenshot.


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Tank you very much for your answer. So as far as I understand I can only set one font size for desktop. What I was looking for was the possibility to automatically increase the font within a desktop environment, so that with a 15 " laptop monitor the size might be 18 and with a 27" desktop monitor the font size would be 27. I use the Flexi Font stack, which allows scaling, for paragraphs etc. and it works fine, but with the Nav Bar Pro it does not work.

Any suggestions ?

I’m pretty sure it won’t work with Nav Bar Pro. All I can suggest is that you increase the size of the desktop font to find a balance between its size at 21" and 15".


Not sure I understand. Navigation Bar Pro has font size settings for navigation items at each of the three breakpoints already built-in to the stack:

Also seen here in your screenshot:

This is covered in the documentation for the Navigation Bar Pro stack in the Navigation Items section of the page.

Is this what you’re looking for, or am I just not understanding. That latter could be the case as I’ve barely started my coffee this morning.

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He is talking about scaling the Desktop Size fonts only. E.g. adding an additional Wide-Setting for larger Monitors…

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If that is the case – that is not a feature that is likely to come to Foundry v2 at present.

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