Nav. Bar Pro - Wishlist

Hi, I am happy with possibility of nav. bar I wanted border for navigation border, which works now, but missing one small neuance. Could you include also extra border color for active and extra for hover (already there)? So far you can select only hover border, which is also applied to active.
I want to achieve effect button like style with contrast border on active page but on hover only semitransparent bg with no border

The second request is for toogle icons. I would like to have opportunity to add own icons - does not matter in which format svg or png…, for example I am planning to use this submenu for different language settings, and there is no appropriate icon for that. This could be really useful, I hope.

Otherwise perfect

Good morning @juraj, and welcome to the Community!

I’ll take a look at it, but to be honest I think for now it is going to stay as just the one color picker for both the hover and active color I think.

This is a bit more complex than it sounds at first as you have to account for a wide variety of images, image sizes, etc that the user would throw at it. It is possible, but I think it is best to stick to the in-built Font Awesome icons to make things consistent.

If you’re looking for an icon to represent world language choices you could use the Globe, Language or Comment icons perhaps. All are found in the Toggle’s Icon drop down setting.

Another feature would be to have drop downs without needing the hamburger button.

I do love the ability to customize the menu based on breakpoints. I cannot use the mega menu as my nav because it looks awful on tablet view. Based on my site requirements, I cannot make the menu smaller to fit appropriately on tablet view.

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Hi there @kah! Long time, no see around here!

The Navigation Items for Navigation Bar Pro are meant only as top-tier items. They’re not designed to have child drop down items. This isn’t an oversight, but the way in which they were specifically designed to work.

The design I was going for with this stack was in an effort to do something different, unlike some of the existing navigation stacks, in order to flesh out the large lineup of navigation stacks for Foundry. Not every navigation stack will meet everyone’s needs for every single project unfortunately. Perhaps the future will bring additions to this stack.

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Appreciate the original intent of the stack but I’d also put a vote in for a drop down option in the Nav Items as a future feature/wishlist item.


It’s noted, as is @kah’s request.

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Me too, my vote. It would even be necessary, I would need it too. Thank you

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