Nav Bar Typeface override issue

I am struggling to overide the NavBar font with what is defined in Typeface2. I can’t see Typeface2 being applied in the code with the page inspector and it always picks up Typeface1 which is the paragraph font.

If I test the Typeface declarations by creating 2 Paragraph stacks, one set to Typeface1 and the other to Typeface2, they work as expected. Also as an additional test if I define a Typeface 3 as Google Font - Lato 700, then that also does not show up in the Nav Bar.

font1 and font2 are defined using FontPro and are working fine.

Wondering if I have missed something here?

Screen Shot 28

Screen Shot 29

Send along your test project file and I’ll take a look.

Thanks for the offer. I created a simple demo file to send in and in the process I solved the issue but found another one.

I was stupidly using the first Typeface option in Nav Bar to define a Typeface which was for the branding. I had not noticed a further option to set the text and this of course works perfectly when used. Lesson learnt.

However, I created a demo project (link below) with 2 Typefaces setup for TF1 and TF2 with Lato (sans serif) and Merriweather (serif). The demo file has 2 columns with a H2 Header and a Paragraph in each column. The left is set to Typeface1 and the Right is set to Typeface2.

The Paragraph text uses the correct Typeface but the Headers both use the Typeface2 font, even though the left is set to use Typeface1. Using the inspector I can see that Typeface Two is taking priority over the left column header.

So it looks like you have the Headers font, within the Control Center, set to Typeface 2. This means it is being assigned to all headers globally by Bootstrap, as it is supposed to. But it seems Bootstrap is being quite forceful about it. It will likely take a tweak to the Typeface stack in an effort to be more forceful than Bootstrap is being and override that font setting.

I’ll look at this change for the next update.


Good news. Thanks for having a look.

You can skirt it for now by setting the Header font in the Control Center to one of the generic fonts, like Arial.

Cool. Will do that. Thank again.

@elixirgraphics It appears that there is also a similar override of the font weight when using Typefaces. If I set a Header to 300 it appears as 700 and I can see the 700 override in the code. Using the same fonts in the Control settings works just fine.