NavBar for continuous page navigation?

Trying to figure out how to configure the Navigation Bar in order to display the sections of content in the (sticky) NavBar, and then scroll to the relevant section, rather than having actual separate pages.

Like this site/theme: Codex



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Good question surf, I don’t think this would be possible in Foundry but Adam will tell you for sure. I hope to see this feature in Foundry as it would be a great option and plus. I’m looking to implement something similar on the site that I’m working on at the moment. Hope we will see this feature (stack) soon on Foundry.

Hey there @Surf!

This isn’t a feature of the Navigation Bar stack. The Navigation Bar stack uses RapidWeaver’s navigation hierarchy, which is based off of the pages that exist in your project. A navigation system like you outline is on the roadmap however, but won’t be a part of the Navigation Bar stack itself since a navigation system like you outline would need to be manually curated.

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Hi Adam, wonder if it would be posible to bring out a stack in a future Foundry update with this feature? -would be very useful. Regards

@TINO As I mentioned in my previous post …

A navigation system like you outline is on the roadmap…