Navbar Nav items change?

Ive done this before but Im ripping my haor out! How do I change, add/sub menu items and set links?

If you’re using the Navigation Bar stack it is done automatically based on your Pages list in RapidWeaver. Have you watched the tutorial video for the stack in question?

You can find the Foundry Documentation here: Foundry Documentation

The Navigation Bar stack’s documentation specifically can be found here: Navigation Bar Documentation

Thank you! Especially thank you kindly for the prompt response! I was begining to wonder if Rapidweaver was still a product. Im getting pushed to use Webfow etc., but I am a long time user and just forgot a few key things. I am using the Navbar stack and read the docs and watched a lot of tutorials but I do not see anywhere where it says how this is handled. Ive read an watched the videos numerous times but I dont see it anywhere. I can grasp now that its automatically creating the items based on the pages that are shown in the “show in navigation” checkbox for the page - is that right? So if I want a menu item that is not an existing page? Or I want a menu item that is a different name than the page or link I want it to go to - how do I do that, use Nav Pro?

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No problem. RapidWeaver is very much alive and well. :+1:

Essentially. Also if you want child pages you can nest them (one level deep) in the Pages list to do so.

Just use the Offsite page style in RapidWeaver. You can then point that to any URL you like.

That said, Navigation Bar Pro does offer a manually curated workflow so you can build items and links as you like right in the stack.

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