Navigation Bar - Block content - Foundry 3

Sorry for my English.
Using the Stack: “Navigation Bar”. How can i block the content of the web page that is below, when the navigation bar is open? with foundry 3.

Thank you

Can you give us an example of what you’re trying to accomplish to help us understand better?

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I would like that when the navigation bar is open, the page is locked, without being able to scroll

The navigation bar is not designed to work that way. There’s not a setting to achieve what you’re looking to do.

ok. thanks for the quick reply

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In mobile view, is there the possibility to make the menu full screen?
…so I could solve the problem

Again, sorry, it doesn’t work that way. That would create problems for the navigation. All of the available settings for Navigation Bar are outlined in the documentation and within the settings palette in Stacks.

One possible way is in the mobile setting to see the drop down menu to scroll the page below ie it pushed the page out of the way or leave the setting and the dropdown scrolls over the background page in the mobile version only.