Navigation Bar Pro - Sticky Navigation Problem

Hi there.

on my page I am using Navigation Bar Pro. It works wonderful but when it gets “sticky”, the logo (area 1) ant the toggle (area 3) don’t consider the margin of 50px any more and jump to the very border of the browser.

How can I fix this undesired behaviour?

Sticky Navigation mode removes the navigation from its parent stack when it gets ‘stuck’ to the browser during scrolling. This means anything you’ve applied to it, like margin in this case will be left behind on the parent stack, while the navigation itself is stuck to the browser frame. This is by design.

Ok, thanks.

Is there a way to add margin as well for sticky mode?

Good morning @magnus – No, sorry, you can’t add margin to the the “stuck” navigation. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear in my original post. If it were possible I’d have pointed you in that direction.

I’m not sure why you want to add padding to the outside of the nav bar. You already have too many nav items in it for the space available. They drop to multiple lines on my MBP13 and get lost.

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