Navigator Menu clipping issue

Hi, just an FYI, was looking for a theme for a project and notice there’s some clipping issue with the slide out menu on the demo site. It happens on mobile android and ipad. When you scroll page down slide out menu gets clipped. On ipad when you scroll down only the slide out shows with no menu.

I see the cropped nav on Android in your screenshot. This is not likely something I can address. It is likely due to how Android is rendering the content. As for the iPad screenshot — I am not seeing an issue with that one. Perhaps I’m missing a key detail here? That said, the theme was tested heavily on iPhone and iPad when it was created. If something is wonky perhaps Apple has changed how they’re rendering the content in an update.

Looks like it was an issue with how Apple is rendering some of the CSS now in the latest version(s) of iOS Safari.

I’ve made some changes. After a little testing I’ll issue an update.

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