Need help with social media badges

I use the Atom Theme and I want to update the social media icons on the banner. It has been years since I’ve done this and I forgot where I got the icons and how to edit them. (I am using Rapidweaver Classic I do know how to link the icons.) Thanks.

If you followed the original instructions for the theme when you set them up then they should be found in your sidebar content in the Page Inspector.

Sorry, it’s the Hive Theme. I found this, Premium RapidWeaver themes, stacks addons, and more Any chance there is a snippet for Tiktok?

No. TikTok is not an icon that is available as it is not in the version of the icon font used in the theme. The badges available in the theme are listed on its documentation support page.

Ok, thanks for your reply. Is there any chance of it being added?

No I am sorry, that is not something that will be added. I can’t add an icon to the FontAwesome v4 library. That is a 3rd-party font icon set.