New Foundry site with an RW blog

##Brookside General Insurance

Just finished up a Foundry site for a wholesale insurance company. The Writer theme from Nick Cates works out so well, blending a blog into the site with a Navigation stack from Yuzool. I need to work on some CSS to get the underline hover to work on the Writer theme. If I can figure out how to add some content above the Nav bar, I’ll be all set. :smile: I’m using this same combination on another site we’re working on for a CPA.


@elixirgraphics Sorry, I completely missed Alloy. I’ve been screwing around trying to get a blog into a Foundry site and you’ve already got it. So busy trying to dig out of my stack of paper that I haven’t even kept up with all the updates.

No need for apologies, at all. Hopefully Alloy will make your blogging much easier. And I’m working hard on a lot of updates for Alloy.

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Is it a CMS or do we update/add posts within RW?

Probably best to watch through the videos over on the Alloy site to get an idea of how it all works.

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I went through the videos, and it looks simple to use, thanks. I actually bought Alloy on Oct. 10, but haven’t even opened the file.

That’s a link to a Tesla ad on YouTube. :sunglasses:

Gotta love that the URL shortener kicked in and replaced the URL I was about to paste. LOL.

That said, above link is fixed.