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NurtureYou Yoga

I recently finished this website for a yoga teacher based in Winchester UK. The site also uses Alloy, which the client is really happy with & she has already successfully uploaded a blog post by herself. As she is a writer, this is a real bonus - she can upload new content whenever she wants to. If anyone has any constuctive feedback or suggestions for impovements, please let me know in the comments.
Thanks, James


I like it. Two ideas: The Banner looks very pale with the current overlay. Try to use a more black on to see how this might look. And enlarge the text size of the menu. It might be very hard to read for some eldery people.


I think it looks really good overall and I love the photography. Booking system looks good too.

I’d second the comment about the banner. Before the overlay is applied you just have a flash of the original image and I think I’d find that more inviting the one with the overlay. Same with the other images.

On scrolling down the home page you’ve got a full width quote which starts to animate into view but just as the animation begins, the pop up box obscures it. I think people will find this a bit irritating.

I think the footer text is hard to read. I like the ‘softness’ but think it could be a touch darker.

Nice one!


Thanks Jan, these are really good suggestions. I’ll try a darkening the banner and bringing the menu text up a point.

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Thank you Rob. I’m not sure why the banner is flashing like that. I’ll have a go at adjusting the image and also try to get rid of that flash. I see what you mean about the pop up box and the quote. It does look messy. I’ll delay it until the quote has become visible. Plus will also try darkening the footer text.

I really appreciate getting both yours and Jan’s comments. Its really helpful to getting feedback from other designers.

Cheers! :smile: James

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