New site for opinion

Hi There,

It’s about time I joined in sharing, i spend so much of my time enjoying everyone else’s work.

Not 100% finished but you get the idea. The boss had already had the Google bots throwing a few spanners in but I’m over coming them.

All opinions are greatly appreciated. Isn’t Foundry fantastic :+1:t2:

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Nice site.
A suggestions: the animations don’t add to the site’s gravitas; they work against the ‘just get the work done’ tone of the words. Too cute and don’t add. Reduce or eliminate.
My two cents,

I like the clarity of the site with its bold icon buttons and its galleries and I don’t feel the reveals are a problem.
The only thing I find distracting is that on some of the banners the background gradient transition effect is a bit jumpy.
BTW - I’d be interested in what you mean when you say google bots is throwing a few spanners in.

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I like it.
The graphic header used at the home page (zooming in and a progress bar) is maybe a bit too much. From my pov at least.

  1. On my iPad I can’t see the scroll down arrow/circle
  2. It’s quite difficult to see/select home when the menu is extended

Thanks a lot for the feedback folks, all very much appreciated :slight_smile: