NEW to Foundry .... question about page size


I just got foundry today and already love it.

But im not sure how to set max width for various screens

For example here is my test site

I’d like to restrict the width of the site a bit

THANKS in advance.

Hi there @Domino!

I think what you’re looking for is the Container stack in Foundry. It will allow you to set the max-width of content you place inside of it. This way you’re not restricted to one max-width for the entire page. More flexible for your designs that way. All that being said, take a few minutes to have a look at the tutorial videos page, found here:

There’s a lot there that will get you up and running there. One that you might watch to to start is the “Build a One-Page Site” video.

Yup …that did the trick thanks.

I cant believe I didn’t know about Foundry before. It is blowing my mind.

Also thanks for the pre made sites. Insane!

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Awesome. Glad to help. Have fun!