New Typeface stack in Foundry

Just been checking out the new Typeface stack which now gives Foundry a class leading advantage without needing any additional stacks.

The original system was actually very powerful once you figured it out and with a bit of @font-face knowledge you should be able to figure it out. It was very easy to add a local server webfont, add the @font-face declaration to your RW site wide CSS and then name the font in the Custom - A Other box. Worked great for the paragraph and header fonts and opened up the possibility of adding icon fonts

However, I can’t see how to do this with the new Textface stack. Defining a Google Font, Typekit font or Standard font is clear. However, the real power comes by adding your own font and especially now that we all get bombarded with low-cost web font promotions.

Assuming this isn’t possible can I request an additional child stack for Other Font to behave in exactly the same way as it does in the Foundry Control centre.

Also it would be great if Textface could be added to the Jumbotron text including the Display text.

Have you looked at the Standard font child-stack?

This child-stack could essentially be labeled “Other.” If you’re defining your own @font-face embeds you should be able to insert your font name in the Standard font child stack and then assign it to a typeface.

Since this isn’t something I offer support for I’ve not tested it out, but it should work essentially the same as the Other option that you’re referring to.


Yes it does work. The label “Standard” mislead me. Works just like the Control Centre A Other button when the Standard Font child stacks is used.

The label “Standard” mislead me.

That is because the Standard child-stack isn’t specifically for what you’re wanting to do. It is for loading standard web fonts. It is pretty much the same exact thing as the Other option from previous versions of Foundry, but better in that it can be assigned to a typeface. The Other feature wasn’t specifically designed for the task you’re wanting to use it for either, it just so happens that both allow for this usage. :slight_smile:

I posted this in relation to a Foundry Font question on the RM forum so thought I would post the information here too:

To use a web font, you would normally add a folder containing the web fonts to your server, or you can do this via Resources in RW7. See Using @font-face | CSS-Tricks to understand what you need in terms of web fonts. Just the Woff file may be enough.

For example, if you are using a font such as MuseoSlab-500, then you would drag the file MuseoSlab-500.woff into resources

You then need to add the following into the page wide CSS in the RW Settings - Code CSS section:

@font-face { font-family: 'museo'; src: url('%resource(MuseoSlab-500.woff)%') format('woff'); }

Then you could allocate the Typeface1 using the Fontface Foundry stack to use museo.

That’s all you need to do. How easy is that?


we are facing some legal changes in the EU (here: germany) which contain laws that prohibit to load google fonts into our websites the way we were used to do (loading them from the google server which is in the US)
It is advised to self-host google fonts on the ftp server and load them from there into e.g. our foundry projects.

my question is: I am in front of an existing foundry website which makes use of google fonts via the foundry control stack.
What is the best, easiest, fastest, most compatible (…) way to change the project in order to disable the settings in control stack and load the fonts locally?
I have the typeface stack available but never used it so far.

any advice is very much appreciated! Thanks!

Easy: get custom fonts stack from instacks @instacks. Then download the fonts from Google and place them into the resources. This way you can still use Typeface stacks in Foundry. Message me for any help on this…