Newbie needs help

Good morning
I’m currently creating my first website with Foundry 3 and I can’t believe how intuitive the individual elements are to use. Thank you very much for this great tool.

But now I have a challenge: I would like to insert an element similar to a tab. However, the tabs should be images and not text. So when I tap on the image, information should appear below it. If I tap on image 2, the information changes.

Can something like this be implemented? How?

I have already thought about modal or animations. But I haven’t found a solution to my problem.
Thank you very much for your support.

@Tzatziki Hi, can you precise what you want to create ?

Hi @Bruno
I made a short Video to explain my idea:

Thank you for your quick support.

Hi @Tzatziki
You ask a simple question and it seems there isn’t easy answer in the “no code” area. I tried to found a conditional stack for your purpose and don’t find one that fits your need. In fact there’s a product for video display at weaver’s space (videowall) which could fit if it manages images too, I don’t know that. Maybe you could ask there. Good luck.
ADD : a way to achieve your goal would be using two stacks from stacks4stacks Progallery and Topbox (maybe with toggleplus depends your needs). In fact I am surprised at the difficulty of finding a stack that fulfills a basic functionality in any programming: a condition. In short, we would need a "conditional stack. ” :joy:

Stacks4stacks SuperBox seems to do what you’re after.


Hi @jacksona
Thank you very much for the suggestion. You’ve made my day.
I will try out the stack immediately.

Thanks a thousand.
Have a happy day.

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