No gaps between grid of images using the column stack?

Hi there. I’ve been experimenting with producing a grid of images - three across on desktop - with rollovers. I’m very keen for there to be no gaps between the images. I’ve removed the gutters and it all works great until it’s displayed on very large screens when vertical gaps begin to appear between the images.

You can see a demo here - - where I’ve managed to mitigate this quite a bit by using large images. Even so, if you zoom out to mimic a bigger screen, there comes a point when those pesky gaps appear.

The Grid stack would seem an obvious choice but that has gaps all over the place!

I might be able to make this work by going outside of Foundry but I’d rather not and as a beginner, I wondered if I’m missing something.



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You could use a margin stack to make sure the grid is not stretched too far in these cases…

Wouldn’t that prevent the edge-to-edge effect I’m after though?

True :frowning: so you would have to set every image to scale to fill…

Hey there @Rob – Can you send me a copy of your project file?

I think it’s OK now Adam. It seems to work if I set each image to upscale to 100% width. It was a fellow Foundry user elsewhere who put me on to this.


Cool. Good to hear! I suspected when you mentioned the larger displays that your image might not be sizing up to fill the space past their original size, but wanted to check.

Thanks. I think I’d explored every option apart from the obvious one!