Obscure Email in a mailto - link (used for an icon)

Hi guys,

I use the Obsucre Email stack which works great in normal text. But how would I obsucre an email adress that I use in a mailto: name@domain.com link. I would like to use it on the mobile view on an icon, so ideally - instead of sending the visitor to the contact page once the icon is clicked, as it is now - it should directly open the mail programm, but the email-adress has to be obscured, to prevent spam bots from reading and harvesting it.

Any way to do that?


Hi there @pumpkin — Foundry doesn’t come with such a stack. You’ll want to contact the developer of that stack and check with them on the usage of that stack.

You’re the developer of the Icon Bar stack Adam. It’s part of foundry :wink: I wasn’t talking about a stack though. More a general question if a link (in this case mailto: … ) that’s not in text form can be obscured at all. I don’t want spam bots to harves an email adress that way.

Ah, I see. You did not mention the Icon Bar stack in your original post. You did mention the “Obsucre Email stack” though which is what I was referring to. The “Obsucre Email stack” is what would be handling the obfuscation of the email address, not the Icon Bar stack, so you would therefore want to talk to that developer about how to accomplish what you’re looking to do with their stack. Foundry does not provide any tool for obfuscating text or email addresses in the way you’re looking to do.

Joe workman offers a free email obfuscation tool that you can enter your email, grab the code, and then put that into an html stack (or in a paragraph stack and choose to clear/ignore formatting).

However, I don’t know that you could use that in the Link settings window in Icon Bar…