Offsite page - open in new window

I have a menu item that is an Offsite page type. The client wants it to open in a new window as the link redirects them away from the site. I tried searching the old RW forum and it seemed to suggest that it was a theme setting, not an RW setting. I am using Foundry.

Is there a trick to doing that that I can’t find or is it not possible?

The only option is a ‘redirect’ checkbox (I’m not entirely sure what that does, tbh, but I’ve tried that both ways)…

Which navigation stack do you use?

I’m using Foundry’s Nav Bar. For whatever reason, it didn’t occur to use a different (manual) nav stack lol.

That’s probably the way forward, though I would be curious if I am missing anything with the Offsite page type. I thought there was an option in previous versions of RW to open in new window…




lol, Jan. I looked everywhere but the general settings. Thanks!!


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