One of the buttons in my modal partial doesn't show up on some pages

The client I am working with wanted to add a print button to each of the modal links (since if you go to the print dialog box with the modal open there isn’t a really easy way to print it out so this link that most has the certificate on it (I should probably remove the nav bar and footer as well so that doesn’t print out on even more sheets of paper.)

My question is this button is brought over across the pages from via the partial but doesn’t come up on the modal which is on the homepage. Why could it be the partial would carry some of the content over to all the pages, such as the image certificate, but when I add a button via partial it only appears on some of the pages?

This is the homepage I am referring to.

As you know it is easier for all of us to troubleshoot your problem with a project file in-hand. Provide that for us in a post below and I’m sure someone can sort out where you may have gone wrong.

Okay, I’ve included the homepage and one other page. The homepage doesn’t show the button at the top of the modal and the other page does show that despite both of them being in the same partial.

The links I am referring to are “ISO 9001” and “ITAR.”


First thing I notice in this project is that you have the Control Center on the page twice.

You can only have it on the page once. Remove one of them.

Next thing I notice is that you’ve got Blacksmith down page, mixed in with other stuff. It needs to be at the top of the page, just below the Control Center. This is covered in the tutorial videos for Blacksmith. If you’ve not watched them, it would be a good idea. This isn’t likely breaking anything, but it is better practice and may save you headaches along the way.

As for your Modal – This is not a bug with Foundry. As a start to troubleshooting I deleted the visible Modal from the page, and when I click the modal trigger in your navigation it still pulls up the modal. So a second copy of that modal, without the button, is DEFINITELY somewhere on this page. It is in one of your Partials. I’d encourage you to go through them and figure out where the second version of this modal is on the page. Also, I would encourage you not to hide stacks on the page. It can cause you to overlook content and sometimes, as in this case even duplicate content unknowingly. This is the case with both of your modals and the Control Center.

There was one point that I got an error saying “you don’t have a Foundry stack on the page” but I did have one in the partial. I don’t understand what that error means. The only way I could figure out how to get rid of the error message was to add that second foundry stack to the page. This is an issue that I never dealt with on my other foundry sites so I am not sure what is going on there.

The modal is on the homepage twice; once in those round logos near the top under the banner and again in the footer. I just guessed that since the trigger is going to the same source image in both cases using the same unique ID (which is “ISO9001” in the case of the ISO certificate) it wouldn’t have a problem grabbing that image.

What it looks like happens instead is that it gets confused when you put the image there twice with the same ID. It looks like what I have to do is give a different trigger name to those icon images at the top of the page so that the navigation link goes to the same image is goes to on the other pages. Okay I’ll try that.

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