Only part of Topper Plus blurred

I’ve got a Topper Plus in a Conditional stack for my blog posts where the image is to be blurred and a parallax effect too.
However it’s only blurring and parallaxing for part of the image.
Here’s a screen record I did of what I’m talking about

Here’s a still frame example too:

Whole thing looks blurred to me when I load your page:

If you’ve got steps to recreate this for me, or more details I’m all ears.

Darn. It appears it’s something to do with my Firefox browser. Works fine in Safari. Weird.

With that info I can look into it further. Details of the browser version you’re using will help too. That said, if it is a browser specific bug I may have nothing I can do but I will take a look once you tell me what version of FireFox you’re using.

version is 99.0.1 (64 bit)
Thank you

So, I use the blurred background feature on the Foundry blog as well, as you can see here:

It loads fine in Firefox 99 and does not have this problem. I suspect it has to do with your embed or use of Disqus. Something occurs in Firefox as theses finish loading which looks to cause your problem.

My suggestion since I don’t have your project is to remove Disqus and republish. See if the problem persists. If so re-enable it and remove the embed and check your problem again. Remember to clear your cache between each check for these two changes.

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