Open Link in a new tab

I’m facing a problem which is maybe caused by some setting in Firefox. But I did not find it.
On a clients website there is a download section. The settings in RW are good, (pic) in Safari it opens a new Tab. In Firefox it does not. It don’t even show “… open in a new tab” in the lower left corner.
Maybe I’m blind. help is very much appreciated.

Has anyone a hint?




Hi Thomas,

I have just tried your website using chrome, edge chrome and Firefox on windows 10 and all three browsers opened the pdf in a new tab. Also safari on iMac did the same. I could not find a problem.

I like your website intro.



it was a setting in my Firefox which blocked the PDF from opening in a new tab.
settings, applications, find portable… , select preview in Firefox.

That was it :blush:


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