Opinions and comments please - first site published with Foundry

##Fitness Key Body Composition Analysis

Hi everyone - hoping for views and comments on my first Foundry site… lots in there I know - but lots to show. Took a few days to put together and convert content from my old site. Really appreciate input. Thank you!


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Hi Steve, great site. You have done a good job with the Siphon stack.
Wonder how you have done the Calendar (appointments), which stack/ method?
Which other 3rd party stacks have you been using on this site?

Looks like the only way to pay online is with a Gift Voucher correct? -don’t see another option.


NB. I have been also in the fitness sector before, had my own gym ages ago and have done competitions (Body Building/ Powerlifting) too.

Hi mate - cheers so much for looking around and testing a few things! Appreciate the complements too…

I’m using a few 3rd party stacks for sure…

Calendar is a Stack called Date Snap - I use it with the source calendars (x2) being my iCal calendars - easy!

Others I’ve used (some of which I think I’ll try to replace/replicate with Foundry stacks - assuming that will work best as far as stability, speed, etc goes???)…

Pop Box
Heroic Banner
Points2 with Glider for reveals
Map 2
Montage 2 (definitely replacing soon)

I’ve actually tweaked my prices page based on your comments / queries… see what you think now? A bit clearer? Thanks for the heads up that it was confusing!

Free scan for TINO! Cheers mate!


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Thanks for the free scan, well appreciated :slight_smile:

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Great site, can you tell me what stack you used to get the parallax effect on your site?


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Hey there @arlenj – You can achieve that effect using the Jumbotron stack within Foundry. It is the fixed “Lock Background” feature in the stack when using images for the backdrop:

You can also do this same thing with the Banner stack.

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Thanks, I just purchased foundry so I’m still stumbling around a bit.

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Not a problem at all. That is what we’re here for. :slight_smile:

Thanks mate! Yeah I am liking the foundry options Jumbotron and Banner and I’m leaning towards swapping all of the banners to them and keeping them consistent across the site. At the moment there is also some examples of Heroic Banner - that’s the one where you can see variations of animation with fhe parallax effect. Would be really nice to have more than just a fixed background in the inbuilt stacks in foundry though, as I think my site might be a bit ‘heavy’ with the big animations. Thanks heaps for the complement though - I know very little about design and I’m pretty proud of where I’ve got the site to so far. It’s a complex business to run with so many locations that all need to be well serviced. Cheers!

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