Orbit 2 video issue

Hey guys,
I’m wondering why all my videos show up as “This video is unavailable” using the Orbit 2 stack? This message was showing up in RW prior to publishing as well, but I figured it would be resolved upon publishing. Not the case. I double checked the videos on YouTube and their IDs and all are working and watchable. Here’s the site Laurel Thomsen - Video

Have you set the video to public in YT?

@violingeek I can see all your videos. Using Safari on iMac 27". That includes both sets of Orbits.

Do they work when you click play? Didn’t for me.

@TemplateRepo Ah, didn’t even try that. When I click play I also get “this video is unavailable”. And when I click the option to go directly to the video in YT (lower right corner) I’m just taken to a general YT page (i.e. my home page at YT).

@violingeek I think this is a YT issue. But perhaps not. … okay found the link to your YT page here: https://www.youtube.com/c/laurelthomsen/videos

… hmm … I’m not seeing any obvious problem at the YT end of things.

… okay, I tested 2 ways. I created a couple of Video Embed stacks and put a couple of your videos in. No problem at all when published. Then I did the same with Orbit stack and ran into the same problem as you. So it seems like you are setting things up fine. I don’t know what to do to resolve the problem … but I’m sure Adam will be able to sort things out for you!

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I suspect this is being caused by a change in YouTube’s API. I’ve not seen any word of a change, but alas, they don’t really care what they break sometimes when they make changes. Let me look into this and see about making some changes and see about fixing this.

I just pushed out an update for Orbit 2 (v2.1.0) that should address this problem. It seems to have been due to something YouTube changed on the backend relating to their API, which is how Orbit has to interact with the embeds.

I’ve updated some things like I said that should address this change. But if you notice something I’ve broken in the process, please let me know. I didn’t see anything in my initial tests, but when APIs change like this, you never know if it was just one surprise change or other things that are not noticed right away.


Ok, thanks Adam (no thanks YouTube)! Is the update live? I’m not seeing it as an option in my RW library yet.

Yes it is available. I’ve checked the download as well as a few beta testers. Check the Stacks updater. You may need to manually check for updates. Then quit and restart RW.

Great! That fixed the issue :+1:

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