Orbit with Form Data

I’m still looking for a solution for implementing MySQL data in RapidWeaver to replace the excellent Kruler stacks which are no longer active.

It appears that EasyDB has the necessary CRUD functions and the ability to place fields anywhere on a page, but I also want to implement forms in a “multipage format” similar to Forms Plus or Form Snap, both of which are great, but can’t UPDATE existing records.

For those with experience with Orbit, does this stack appear to be able to replicate this function? I have several very long forms and it would be much more appealing to the end user if the form were broken down into sections. If so, how would these fields/form handle responsive sizing?

Thank you!

Hi @jthawke – Orbit is a slider stack and has nothing to do with databases.

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Understood, but Orbit can hold ANY data, would there be an issue placing FIELDS in a slider?

That would be dependent on the tool you’re using to collect the data. You’d have to present that question to the developer of the tool you’re going to use. Personally I think it is not a good idea to organize a form in this way. Just my 2 cents.

Take a look at Datably. I have not used this stack, but it may be helpful.

In the video, see especially after 9:30–entering new data.

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I use Machform for single and multi page forms. You can have numerous pages or use logic to show or hide form fields.


Thank you both for the suggestions. I did look into Datably, but it seems to only work in table form and I need to be able to place fields anywhere on the page. As for MachForm, it is pretty user friendly, but again only CREATES a new database record. I need to be able to go to a record, show the data and then update that record with additional field data (CRUD). At this time, I think EasyDB is the only app to do this . . . it just doesn’t have multipage, etc. capabilities at this time.