Orbit2 does NOT show progress

Not talking about the dots or bar but when it’s loading there is no indication given to the user that something more is coming to the page they are on. Below is a link to my site. There are 12 photos all between 100-200k each to be displayed using Orbit2 on the home page. If nothing can be done to speed up the loading then I would think there should be some sort of wheel icon or something to signify to the viewer that they need to wait a second or so.



You slider seems to load quite fast here, even considering most images in your slider are 100kb or more. Here I’ve loaded your page in Chrome in Incognito mode with a clear cache and it loads A-OKAY speed-wise, IMHO:

Orbit tries to lazy load slides just before it gets to them, meaning it holds off on loading all slides during page load so that your page loads faster.

You could try sizing your images down just slightly. They’re currently a little bit larger than the displayed area on your page. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to compress them using something like TinyPNG or Squash.

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Unfortunately most who go to the site probably are not using an incognito mode or clearing their cache. These are compressed using TinyPNG. Each jpg image is 800x533. What would be a good size to reduce them too? The page has 12 photos to load, which has always been my standard. Hate to think I need to reduce the number in order to solve a load timing issue. As a side, it would be nice if Orbit had the option to turn off the lazy load. But, I really don’t know if that would have a positive effect.


Incognito mode and a clear cache are actually things that would slow the page load time down. These two things ensure that when the page is loaded that the browser re-downloads everything on the page instead of using a cached version. This means your site is loading fast under the worst case scenario.

Lazy load makes your page load faster, not slower.

Your site loaded fine on my phone (android, chrome)

OK understood. Back to image size, would a reduction from 800x533 to equiv at 700 help?

Like I said in my original reply – things are loading quite quickly here. I see zero delay in loading of images, as shown in the video.

If you want to resize them make them you’ll just need to experiment with what size(s) work for your images and site. There’s not a exact answer.

Ok, experimenting it is. Thanks for getting back to me.