Overlay Color for Background Image in Jumbotron

Hi All,

Have a page in development that uses a Jumbotron Stack with a Backdrop image. I have placed a Header and Paragraph Stack in the Jumbotron Stack and would like to configure the Backdrop image with an overlay - similar to what is possible with the Banner Stack.

Question: Is this possible? If not, how would you approach this issue? I am open

Ultimately I am looking to scroll down a page, have a fixed image in a Section with text superimposed on it - and the text be readable as a Banner.



As I continue to experiment, it looks to me that using another Non Hero Banner Stack on any given page will give me the look I am striving for.


Hey there @solutionsmacllc – The Banner stack should do what you’re looking to achieve, as you’ve noticed. The Jumbotron, as it exists in Bootstrap doesn’t have an overlay feature. It is something that could be added later on possibly though. For now the Banner will get you to where you want to go. :+1:

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