Overlay suggestion?

Hi does anyone have a suggestion how I can overlay a notification on two of the apartments (sorry, rented)
The website is Foundry based…is there any way I can overlay a notification??
Thanks for any help (will post in Elixir also)

Why not just drop in an alert box to replace the “Two bedroom apartment, first floor, front line sea view balcony” text? In fact, you could add one to every apartment and then show/hide the alert or the description based on whether it’s been rented or not.


Hi Rob…thanks that’s a thought so would the details still ‘show’ as well as knowing it is rented?? Can I place the alert box within the ‘card style’? as it is?
How would I do the ‘alert box’?

Alert boxes are part of Foundry (Alert Documentation).

If you’re using the Card stack, then you can use the ‘+’ button to add a Card Slice and then drop the Alert box into that. I’d personally use this to replace the text information on apartments that have been rented - otherwise you’ll end up with boxes of different heights.

Alternatively, you could add two alert boxes in edit mode - one to say an apartment has been rented and a second to say it’s available - and then show or hide them depending on the status of the apartment. That would keep your equal height boxes.


Hi Rob
You are a wonderful man!!
I have done it already (why did I not see the alert thing before??) Thats why this forum is awesome
Much appreciated


Glad it’s going to work for you. There are so many stacks in Foundry that it’s easy to forget what’s actually in the toolbox.