Override Future Posts Today's Date

Feature Request: It would be very helpful to be able to display “blog” posts which have a future date when compared to today’s date.

I am using two copies of Alloy on my website: one for a blog and one for club events (separate posts folders of course).

When using Alloy to display a list of club events for the year ahead, ideally I would add them, settting the date and time to be the date and time of the event. This seems to work well if today’s date is changed to the future.

Would it be possible to have an Alloy override to set the date for when posts are considered to be “future”?

I’m sorry, I think you’re either misunderstanding what the Future date is used for or more likely you’re trying to use it for something it is not designed to do. The “Future” date is meant to be the day you wish the blog post to go live. This is because Alloy is a blogging tool and this is generally how “future” dated blog posts work. Like I said, I suspect you’re trying to use it in a way it isn’t designed to work.

Thanks for the quick response. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do understand what Future Date is for and I am definitely using it for a purpose it wasn’t originally designed for. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can achieve my objective by editing the index.php code with a one line addition which overrides $todaysDate, after publishing from rapidWeaver but ideally, I wanted to avoid having to do this.

Sorry, Alloy can’t do what you’re wanting it.

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