Page content missing

So a bit odd. Just updating a site I’ve been working on and the pages that I created Friday opened fine and I made some changes moments ago.

Oddly when I went back to some of the pages in Rapidweaver some of the content was missing? Literally gone.

When going back to previous versions the same content was also missing although it was there earlier.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?

I’m running Rapidweaver 7 on Sierra.

Hi there @labanbrown – Sorry to hear about your troubles. Unfortunately what you’re describing sounds like it has to do with the app itself. The best place to get support for the app would be on the app’s own forum or via their support email address ( Being a third-party developer I don’t have any way to diagnose or offer support for their product unfortunately.

Hi there

Thanks for quick response! I’ll message them and see what’s happening.