PageSpeed Insights: Best Practice Score - "Uses deprecated API"

I have a published Foundry ( ) and Alloy (3.3.2) site, I monitor its performance and today noticed a “deprecated api” alert for the sites pagespeed score.

Is there a workaround available or an update planned to address this?

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That javascript is a part of RapidWeaver’s base theme javascript provided by Realmac in their API.

Assumed it was a version for foundry… given the root folder. Thank you for the direction.

It lives in the Foundry theme. But is part of the base javascript from the theme API.

I’ve go the same issue. Would or should we expect an update to this base javascript from Realmac?

They would need to update the javascript and then distribute it to developers and then those developers would need to implement it in their themes.

That said, this is not going to cause you any trouble whatsoever.

Yet another reason to abandoned rapidweizer.

As much as I want it to work, its design makes it difficult to create secure websites that perform well.

These tools are used to grade sites for seo. Failure to deliver a product that can’t be updated quickly is dangerous. And this deprecation has brought down a metric I can’t define and is used by search tools to reject outdated, potentially insecure tech.

I continue to question my investment of time and money into RW.


It really isn’t as bad as I think you may think it is in this situation. Sincerely. I’ll take a look at it myself in the coming days. But really this isnt some sort of security risk. It is just a depreciation.

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Thanx for your willingness to take a look at it. I’ve been in the process of re-writing my entire website with Foundry 3, will this “deprecated API” continue to cause the Evil One “Google” with such a low score in “Best Practices” ?

On another note, I use F2 Mega Menu and Google reports that my Parent links aren’t crawlable. The Nav bar is set to Hover for the drop downs. Is there a way to fix this ?

Also, at one time I tried using Mega Menu Nav Bar the “Site Title and Logo” (branding), but that caused the one of those to get the H1 heading, which I didn’t like as I thought the Page Title should be the H1. SEO-RX (Chillidog) stack reports that I have too many H1’s.

Is there a way to get that H1 fixed?

Parent items do not link to a page, they’re placeholders. This indeed makes them uncrawlable. That is their nature.

Even Google will tell you that you can have multiple H1 tags on a page.

Just so we’re clear on this unload event that is being talked about, this is the portion of the code provided by Realmac in their Theme API:

 * RapidWeaver 3.5.0 theme functions.
 * Script Version 2.1
 * Updated 26 May 2006.

/* fix for video streaming bug */
deconcept.SWFObjectUtil.cleanupSWFs = function() {
	var objects = document.getElementsByTagName("OBJECT");
	for (var i=0; i < objects.length; i++) {
		for (var x in objects[i]) {
			if (typeof objects[i][x] == 'function') {
				objects[i][x] = null;
if (typeof window.onunload == 'function') {
	var oldunload = window.onunload;
		window.onunload = function() {
} else {
	window.onunload = deconcept.SWFObjectUtil.cleanupSWFs;

This looks to be something to do with Realmac’s older video pages. In Foundry 3 I eliminated this and a LOT more from the theme file. As these things are unnecessary for Foundry since we use only Stacks pages when using Foundry.

So I’ve modified the Foundry 2 theme to have matching RapidWeaver theme JS file similar Foundry 3’s. You can download it below.

Download link: Foundry v2 Theme

Download that theme for FOUNDRY 2 and install it in RW. Then quit and restart. This will require you to do a “Republish All Files” from RapidWeaver.


WOW !! Thank You, Thank You !! I’ve been fighting the evil one for a year now, finally got to almost 100% in all test, and then all of a sudden the “deprecated” noticed popped up.

Whatever you did, worked perfectly !!! Back to working my F3 build, Ugh.